Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pleasant Surprises

I think it is the happy little surprises that drive us as collectors.  There are many bumps along the road of doll collecting - when a doll arrives and isn't what we hoped, when we purchase that special vintage outfit and find the seller has included reproduction shoes and/or accessories, when you lose an auction in the last seconds to a sniper bid, or when you miss an opportunity to purchase a doll you really wanted to add to your collection.  But when something really good happens unexpectedly, it brightens our dolly days.

First, piggy-backing on my last post, I have to write that Bus Stop Darla has been an exciting addition to my collection.  I am really loving this doll, and I didn't expect it.
She is great to redress and has brought me much joy over the past couple weeks.  She has so much personality!  She has quickly become Chaundra's new best friend.
Taking chances with purchases is always risky.  We've all made some mistakes.  But sometimes chances really pay off.  Marion from Germany ("catzilla" on The Doll Page) recently sold some vintage lawn furniture.  I happened to be on the internet at the right time.  I purchased this set for less than $75 shipped from Germany.   My girls are loving it!!!  It was a wonderful surprise opening the package and finding such amazing items.
There is this amazing swing.  It has little hooks that slip onto the frame, so it actually swings.  The "umbrella" is separate and fits over the ends of the frame.

This lounge chair is my favorite piece.  It actually has rubber wheels that roll.  ILHYLM Poppy is enjoying it, too!

There was a little fabric covered table with matching chairs.  How could you not love this?  Darla and Chaundra are enjoying their summer refreshments.
I have to say that this set is my favorite diorama pieces that I own.  It arrived clean and well cared for.  All of the furniture has little matching cushions. There are some minor paint scratches, but those just add character.

Another surprise was a modern Barbie purchase.   Recently I have been adding some Mattel clothing pieces to my girls' wardrobe.  One of the ensembles I had been wanting was the Kate Spade one.   I was able to snap one up on e-bay MIB.  The seller wrote that she had misgivings about selling the doll because it had been re-rooted.  When the doll arrived, I was surprised by how much I liked her!  Here she is wearing a Vintage lounging set.
She has a very beautiful face.  I guess she may be staying for a while!
The last nice surprise was the recent Buy It Now of some Vintage items.  This will be the second collection I have purchased with Buy It Now on E-bay.  If you've followed my blog for a while, you may remember the American Girl purchase.  This time I took a chance on a TNT collection.  I realized the buyer knew nothing about vintage Barbies because she apologized for the doll having holes in the bottom of its feet.  To make sure, I checked her feedback and found she did not feel vintage Mattel items. Here is the auction photo (there were a couple more of some other clothing):

It had a "Buy It Now" of $210.  I have been waiting for this purchase to arrive all week.  It came today!  I knew this was enjoyed by its previous owner as a toy, so I held my breath.  The doll is a GoGo CoCo TNT.  Her hair was minty as was her facial screening.  She seems to have all her eyelashes.   She does suffer from some of the typical aging of the TNT dolls, but I think she's really cute.  Here she is wearing a very crisp and minty vintage Cruise Stripes that was in the 1961 Ponytail trunk.

I'll devote a future blog to the contents.  Overall, I was very pleased with the purchase.  Here's a closeup.  Isn't she sweet?  So, I've had some good dolly karma lately.  I hope some is headed your way!