Monday, June 10, 2019

#15 of 2019 - Nirvana Dominique Makeda

"Beware the ides of enablers ..."

If you want to save your doll money and stop purchasing new dolls, you have to avoid the two "F's" - Flickr and Facebook.   After you've been on these sites for a short time, you begin to make "friends".   You tend to hang out with collectors who have a similar aesthetic.  Recently, I had a couple "friends" who insisted that I needed a certain newly released version of a doll.  I resisted until a dealer offered her at 20% off list price.  How do you say "no" to that kind of deal?

The doll in question is Nirvana Dominique Makeda.   She arrived last week, and I can't begin to explain how impressed I am with this version.

Here is a full length photo in the box.
And a closeup.  My "Flickr Friends" were the ones who kept telling me that her eyes looked so realistic.
One of the reasons I caved was the accessories.  This doll comes with the most wonderful orchid colored "puffy" coat.  She has six bracelets (two of which are charm bracelets), a star ring with a stone, and matching earrings of different lengths.  There's a very well made purse and a pair pink sunglasses.
She wears sparkly purple socks and shiny boots that have an interesting pattern.  
The pants are made to look like she has a denim jacket tied around her waist.  The short, nylon t-shirt is graphic.  
Although this a hodgepodge of pieces in different shades of purple and blue, it somehow works together.  I believe there will be a great deal of mix n match playtime in the future.

But the deciding factor for this doll becoming #15 of 2019 in my collection is definitely those eyes!  She has a truly stunning face.