Sunday, September 1, 2019

#29 of 2019 - French Kiss Vanessa Perrin

As I've stated numerous times, there are some great perks about being a member of the W Club.  One of the best is the exclusive dolls offered to members only.  When a collector joins the W Club, they are offered a couple "upgrade" dolls to add to their membership fee.  This year the W Club offered Bossa Nova Beauty Poppy, Level of Suspense Lukas Maverick (NuFace Line), and French Kiss Vanessa Perrin (FR2 line using the 1.0 mold).

There are a handful of Integrity Toys molds that I have a serious weakness for as a collector.  Mold 1.0 of Vanessa Perrin is one of those.  This is the first time the mold has ever been offered in the "Sunkissed" skin tone, which has quickly become a favorite.  It was a "no-brainer" to add this doll to my cart.

Here are a couple photos from the original offering (Property of Integrity Toys)

And here is IT's photo of the accessories.
This is another case where the actual production doll can be better than the promo photos.  I use the term "can" because there is a lot of variance in production between dolls.  I know this seems odd, but these dolls are created by hand.  The rooting of the hairlines, the application of screenings, and even the facial paintings can be significantly different within one edition.

I was very fortunate to get one with a great hairline and facial screening.  My only problems were:  1) The head is a slightly off from the body, which is a common problem with IT dolls over the past few years, and 2) One of my doll's eyelashes was placed a little low.  I have found that I can heat the head slightly and use the "eye end of a darning needle" to carefully nudge a misplaced eyelash into a better position.

Here is my doll in the box.
And a closeup -
NOTE:  Now that IT is using a rose gold liner for their boxes, the camera tends to pick up on the yellows and make the faces look more greenish/yellowish tinted than it looks in real life.  BUT WHAT A FACE!!!

Here she is out of the box, so you can see the difference in skin tone isn't as pronounced as in the "in box" photo.
I adore this doll.  I think she is easily in the top 10 of FR2 dolls ever produced.

For me, the proof of any doll is how she redresses because I actually like changing their ensembles.  Here she is wearing Charlotte Olympiad's jacket and Modern Sensibility Dasha's shorts.  Her hair is very thick and luxurious.  It's style is easy to manage.
Let's try Coquette Jordan's ensemble!  With her hair pulled back, you really get a good look at that incredible face!

She looked so good in casual, I had to keep going.  How about an inexpensive Barbie ensemble?  Oh my!

This girl is definitely a "keeper".  Although several dolls have arrived before her, she came out of that box before many of them.  She clawed her way to the front of the line easily.  #29 of 2019 is French Kiss Vanessa Perrin; I bet you'll see her often on my flickr page.