Sunday, July 24, 2016

That's What I'm Talkin' Bout - A Review of Be Daring Imogen

There has been a lot of collector buzz about the W Club Upgrade Dolls.   They started arriving the last couple weeks and the reviews have been somewhat mixed.

The only upgrade I purchased this go around was Be Daring Imogen.  I have owned every version of this mold and have sold all of them except one - Fame by Frame Imogen is my favorite doll from the Tropicalia Convention.
Be Daring Imogen is the first time Integrity Toys (IT) has used the Hungarian Skin Tone on a NuFace doll.  It is one of my favorite skin tones.  It has appeared on Dynamite Girls, Poppy Parker, and the Color Infusion lines.

Here is full length "in-box" photo:
And a closeup:
Some collectors seem to have gotten dolls with the eyeshadow way up in her eyebrows - I don't think mine is bad.  I believe her eye screening is excellent!

My husband and I have been planning our retirement and move that we anticipate to happen in 2021.  Most of my doll collection will have to be sold prior to that time, so I have to be extremely picky before adding a new doll to my collection.  When I developed the photos from the "in-box" session, it was obvious this one was sticking around for a while!

Here is a photo of the accessories:
The accessories have a very "matchie-matchie" theme.  There are skull earrings, a skull bracelet, and a skull ring that all match the skull on the belt.  Separately, I think these will be used frequently.  I really like the boots and it's easy for her to stand in them without assistance.  Extra hands are always appreciated (especially in a rare skin tone) and I love the portfolio and cards!  I think these are best sunglasses produced in 1:6 scale so far.  Love the double bridge.

Let's see how she looks all dressed up!
I thought placing her card at her cleavage was cute!  
The pink pantsuit is very different and not like anything I have in my collection. I'm not a big fan of the razor haircuts (Fame by Frame has one also), but her hair isn't too bad.

Be Daring Imogen arrives for the audition and the client immediately makes a connection with the skull jewelry.  What lingerie should she wear … what would you expect?
She is hired immediately!  Here is her first photo shoot out of stock clothing.  (For me, the way a doll redresses is always the deciding the factor.)
Be Daring Imogen is definitely a keeper.  I am loving this doll!  Way to go Integrity Toys!  After such a dolly drought, it's exciting to receive a doll this nice.