Friday, February 24, 2012

I Think I May Be In Trouble

Every now and then a doll comes along that captures our interest.  Sometimes she becomes a photographic muse.  She inspires us to redress, create a persona, develop a storyline. 

I remember when I first discovered Misaki dolls several years ago.  I owned almost every one of them from the first four years.  They were the subject of many photo stories.

I felt the same way when Poppy Parker was first released.  I redressed and played to my heart's content.  Then they became very fashionable ... very sought after ... too expensive ... too hard to acquire.  Still got my early ones, but I've not stayed with the line.

I've also followed the Dynamite Girls through all of their incarnations.

Now, Integrity has released a new line up.  They got some things VERY right, but they also missed the mark on many others.  I'm referring to the Breakfast at Tiffany's Holly Golightly dolls.  They introduced a new mold that got such a cool reception, I'm afraid it has been discontinued (the Sabrina dolls are being used with Poppy molds).

First let's take a look at the packaging.  Here is the front of the box:
And here is the back:
The packaging is dramatic and beautiful.  It truly pays tribute to the movie.  However, it is rather large.  I'm sure this packaging was not cheap.  For those who debox, I can't help but wonder how much the packaging added to the purchase price.  Personally, I don't like paying for cardboard.

Now, let's see what's inside:
Now this is what I call a giftset!  You get two outfits, a trenchcoat, an extra pair of hands, earrings, two pair of shoes, a piece of luggage, hose and socks (they are behind the hose if anyone thinks their's may be missing), a chiffon scarf, a very nice pair of sunglasses, and a little knitting prop.  Quite impressive.  Granted the retail price of this giftset is $175, but I believe Glam Addict was $150.
I believe the Holly Golightly line has gotten a really undeserved reception.  It would have been better if this doll had been released first.  Her faceup is quite awesome.  She has very thick hair.  Unfortunately, I don't like the ponytails.  Integrity should have used ribbon over the rubberbands.  It would have seemed more "expensive" and "finished".  As presented it seems an oversight and cheap.
Integrity introduced a new leg/ankle/foot mold with this doll.  Unfortunately, it eliminates the possibility of wearing high heels or any shoe with an arch.

I was eager to get her out of the box and try on her shoes.  At first I thought there was a design flaw in the doll because she is not balanced enough to stand on her own wearing the shoes provided in the giftset.
I do like the way the socks look.  I wondered if the design flaw was in the shoes, so I tried the outfit on Perfect in Paris Misaki.  She she balances easily in the shoes.
At this point, I would like to make a bold statement.  I believe Integrity should create more knit clothing.  Even from the beginning of the Misaki line, I have found the knitwear created by Integrity to be superior.  The sweaters in these outfits must either be slipped on from the feet up or pulled over the head, but their construction is incredible.
While Paris was borrowing this outfit, I was able to break out the skirt outfit.
Just look at the quality of this sweater.

And the herringbone skirt is exceptional as well.

The outfit looks exquisite on a doll.
Unfortunately, I found my first problem.  One of the shoes is missing its bow.
This is how a trenchcoat should be made in 1:6 scale.  The weight of the fabric is perfect.  The stitching, lining, and details are perfect.  Look at those little buttons on the sleeves.  But, I do have one complaint.  Why snaps?  With this type of quality, they should have put on frogs or those little hooks.
It was time to get ready to go outside for Ms. Holly.  I loved the green tint to the sunglasses.  The scarf was nicely made.  The little satchel was one of the main reasons I purchased this giftset; it even has an ID tag! 

I turned it around, and I found my second manufacturing defect.  One of the grommits was missing.

Here is Ms. Holly ready to catch a cab:

That's a review of People Do Fall In Love as packaged.  The clothing is some of the best doll clothing I believe we've seen from Integrity since the days of Ginza Kyori or the Atelier dolls.  Everything fits perfectly and is well tailored.  I am very disappointed in the quality control though; a customer should not pay $175 for a giftset and it have two flaws right away.  This should be caught before packaging.  I have contacted customer care and will update my followers to the resolution of the problems.  Integrity is usually very responsive to these problems, and I do not expect any glitch in getting the items replaced.

I think the main problem with Holly is that took a "young" looking doll and tried too hard to make her look more mature and elegant. When I got her out of these clothes and started redressing her she came alive.

In jeans, a t-shirt, and casual sweater she is just FUN!  For shoes, I find she can share shoes with Misaki, Poppy, and Only Hearts dolls.  She is wearing a pair of Only Hearts with this outfit.  And she did balance ON HER OWN!
And if you want to go on the search.  Mattel did a reproduction package of flat shoes:

I continued to redress and began to fall in love with her.  (Those ridiculous rubber bands came out of her hair.)

I see a great deal of play time ahead for this wonderful little muse.  So stay tuned: