Saturday, May 2, 2015

Inspirations and Aspirations

After my last blog entry, I was inspired to test some clothing on my FR2 bodies.   I decided to take out four of my favorite FR2 releases from last year.  Four dolls that I believe are quite under-rated and under-appreciated.

I started with my Monogram clothing (included in the previous post).  Here is a repeat photo of Sheer Sensuality Vanessa mold 1.0 wearing it.  It fits like a glove!
Next, I thought I would try some Silkstone clothing.  I have quite a number of lovely suiting possibilities.  As long as there are no long sleeves, it seems Silkstone also provides a clothing option to FR2.  Here is Full Spectrum Veronique wearing the Fashionably Foral Ensemble that was recently released.  You can see why this Silkstone is already sold out!  The outfit can be picked up on e-bay for around $35 shipped.
I felt like I was on a roll!   I took out an older outfit from a doll seamstress.  The pants and blouse were created by SL Doll design (Sanglian) who is currently selling on Etsy.  It is being modeled by Elusive Creature Natalia.  I believe most collectors prefer her sister, Brazen Beauty, but I really like Elusive Creature.
I hope my readers have noticed the new format for posting photos.  I have taken the inspiration from another collector on Flickr.   I think it is a nice way to show how the doll looks in the ensemble and then see a closeup of the doll's face.   Speaking of inspiration, a Flickr poster recently created a collage of clothing designs they would like to see in the FR reveal later this month.   One of the designs sent me looking for this Clear Lan dress and NuFace jacket.   The model is Fashion Explorer Vanessa mold 3.0.
Now, that I've covered "inspirations", it's time to write about "aspirations".   A few years ago, I thought I would try something different and combine Fashion Royalty mainline heads with NuFace bodies.  I was going to attempt a "When they were young" group of dolls.  I wanted to pretend like the new dolls were the teen versions of the beloved characters.   Here is a photo.

I tried to choose dolls that looked "young".   I picked Girl of the Moment Veronique, Spring Forward Eugenia, Something Sexy Adele, and Urban Geisha Kyori.  I have Shock Bon Bon Vanessa ready for a spa visit to correct her eyes.  I also had Capricious Natalia, but in a purge frenzy two years ago, I sold her.  Although I have some seller's remorse (a latin NuFace body is rare - The Making of Erin is the only NuFace doll to use it), she resides with a dear friend and fellow blogger.

Unfortunately, the older NuFace body is no longer being manufactured, so this project will be unable to be finished without a lot of effort and money.  I hate to abandon it, but I'm not sure it is worth the time to complete.  I liked Spring Forward Eugenia so much in her ensemble, I had to show you another photo.