Sunday, April 22, 2018

Fetish Fatale Veronique Perrin - 2018 - Doll 4

I was a little upset recently with the way the W Club announced it's "mini capsule" of dolls called "Boudoir".   Three of the dolls were dealer-direct purchases and the announcement of the collection was actually when dealers started taking orders.   I didn't even know about the collection because my computer security is set to filter out potentially "naughty" material.  (Anyone who is a teacher will understand this concept.)

Although I missed the initial ordering from my dealer, I was able to pick up two of the dolls from Couture Doll.  They always announce when they their sales go live so all collectors have a fair chance of acquiring dolls.  Kudos to this dealer!

One of the dolls from the Boudoir Collection, Fetish Fatale Veronique Perrin, was offered through lottery in an edition size of 715.  I wasn't going to enter the lottery for this doll because I knew the flyaway hairs would drive me crazy (and they are), but this doll reminds me so much of Flame Rouge Veronique from 2004 that I couldn't resist.  Here is a photo of Flame Rouge.  I wish I could Fetish Fatale's hair in these luxurious curls!
I think we've gotten so far away from the story cards that we've lost the entire backstory for this collection.  I may be the only one bothered by this doll's name; but it's only because I have collected IT dolls from the beginning.  Veronique's arch nemesis is Natalia Fatale.  Why would she use her rival's last name in this version?  But that's just my OCD.

The doll arrived quickly after purchase.  Here she is full length, NRFB.
And a closeup.
Here are the accessories.
I really like the jewelry with the ruby accents.  (The choker is a little too tight, so it helps to add an extra jump ring to it before trying to put it on.)  The shoes are quite well made.

And a photo out of the box.  The feather boa was borrowed from Red Desire Mini-Gene.
And another closeup.
My version has very long bangs, but I like them this way.  Many collectors have compared this version to Betty Page.  There is a strong resemblance.

As with all dolls in my collection, most do not remain in their original ensembles.  The deciding factor for a doll staying in my collection rests in how well they redress.  How about the blue dress from the Silkstone Grace Kelly?
If I can get her hair tamed completely (I may be using some serious product in it), I think I can grow to love Fetish Fatale Veronique Perrin.  In my opinion, this is one of the best versions of the Veronique 2.0 mold produced yet.   If I had a steady enough hand, I would add a beauty mark.  


Anonymous said...

I really like her Betty Paige hair :-). Lovely doll!

Andrew S. said...

Mine also has long bangs! Definitely getting the Bettie Page vibe from her too.

Kamelia said...

She looks wonderful, but I definetely prefer darker colours for her.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I know this is several years after you posted this, but I was wondering if you may be open to selling this doll?