Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 36

After the initial 16 posts of unique Fashion Royalty characters, I gave myself the privilege of  spotlighting one FR2 doll, A Touch of Frost Eugenia Frost:  Touch of Frost Blog Entry

One of my followers mentioned in a comment that she appreciated OOAK dolls but liked how the doll artist made a minor enhancement/correction to Touch of Frost that maintained the integrity of the doll's original face up.  I prefer to keep my dolls as close to original design as possible.  I, too, appreciate the beautiful work done by artisans in the doll community and admire their work.

Since I started my Summer Vacation countdown, I've included dolls that have a special meaning to me: Platinum Jordan was a gift from my departed mother, my husband won the opportunity to purchase the table centerpiece Force of Nature Agnes at the only doll convention I've ever attended, and Ready to Dare Natalia was a gift from my dear doll friend Reese.  The spotlight doll in today's blog is my only OOAK doll, Ondine.
Ondine was Sound Advice Veronique Perrin from the 2006 Integrity Convention.  She was released in an edition size of 550 and was in a gift set that included a Kyori Sato and mix n match clothing.  The cost for the gift set was $140.

Ondine is special to me because I was a contestant in the Pink Parlor Next Top Doll Contest.  The doll I entered was a Paint In Black Colette that was named KiKi.  There was an article in Fashion Doll Quarterly about the contest and photos of all the contestants were included.  My photo of KiKi is the only photo of a doll I've ever had published in a magazine.  Although KiKi only made it to the top 8 dolls, I was chosen by the moderators as the winner of a OOAK repaint by Vin Trapini.  (I hope I haven't misspelled Vin's last name.  If I have, please let me know!)  Sound Advice Veronique Ondine is that doll.  Now that Pink Parlour has closed, Ondine is even more special to me.

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