Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 35

The other doll I sent to the doll artist is a personal favorite around here.  She is basically my "Queen Bee".    She pretty much has the run of the place.  Unfortunately, she had a really bad eye as well.  This is The Royal Weiss Agnes Von Weiss.  She was part of the 2007 Integrity Toys Convention, was released in an edition size of 500, and sold after the convention for $150.
I really wanted to keep this doll as close to design as possible while fixing those eyes.  I teach elementary school, so I get enough of those "rolling eyes" at school.  I don't need to see them at home, too!  I was so excited to get this girl back.
She still looks like The Royal Weiss Agnes - only better.  She is wearing the ensemble from Traveler By Nature Veronique.  She usually wears whatever she wants around here.  She also refuses to admit she's had any work done.
But I have photos to prove it!

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Roville said...

The colors look gorgeous on her - your redress reminds me why I love Aggie (can't wait until my first arrives (High Visibility)). Her eyes look really good, and though she's not saying anything you know she is happy about the work she's had. :D