Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 34

When I sent Touch of Frost Eugenia and The Royal Weiss Agnes off for a "refresh", I decided to include another doll.  This is a doll that was produced with many problems but continues to be on many grail lists regardless.

I remember when the 2006 Miami line was advertised, everyone wanted Glow Vanessa Perrin.  Some dealers sold Glow through a lottery for those collectors who purchased the entire line.  I remember getting the phone call from my dealer that I was selected.  I was so excited.

Unfortunately, Glow was one of the dolls I had to sell to help fund my move after a divorce.  It seems Integrity Toys was going through a quality control problem during the production of these dolls.   Glow Vanessa Perrin had a problem with having a "five head" and wonky eyes - it took me several years to find a good replacement of her NRFB.  Glow has always been a favorite with me, but she remained NRFB until I got up the nerve to have her eyes corrected.  (Here is a photo of her original presentation)
This poor girl's left eye looks like a marble rolling around in a jar!   The artist asked me, "What would be your perfect Glow Vanessa?"   I described exactly what it would be, but I didn't get my hopes up because I understand the limitations of working with the original face up.  I told her I would love this doll to have forward glancing eyes.  I wanted her eyes to be similar to factory but with more depth.
I couldn't believe it when I opened the package that was returned to me.  The artist accomplished my vision for Glow Vanessa Perrin.  I gave Glow Vanessa a new body from 2013's Polished Korinne, so she has a "matte" finish and handspeak system.  To me, she is just about as perfect as I could have ever hoped for.
It has been so hot, Vanessa decided she needed to go to the beach to keep that gorgeous tan.
And she had to bring her little puppy, "Skipper", along.

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Scifi1Guy said...


You have now shown three dolls with repainted eyes but have not mentioned who the Artist is - can you share?