Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 28

This brings me to my favorite Fashion Royalty doll of all time.   This was "the doll" that solidified my collecting IT products.  I started collecting Fashion Royalty dolls in 2004 just before my divorce and had to sell off much of my collection when I moved.   I was able to acquire this doll at retail from BIC as it was an exclusive.  She is Ginza Kyori Sato (blonde).
Up to the point of her purchase, I had never spent more than $150 for any collectible doll in my life.   When I saw this doll's promo, I was a goner.  This doll has been my avatar on yahoo for almost 10 years.  Ginza Kyori represents beauty and elegance to me.   She is so exotic.

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