Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 30

WOW, this summer is rushing past at lightning speed.  I've already started the last half.    But, hey, let's wax optimistic and say we still have 30 days to go!

You can't spotlight A Fashionable Life Raven Vanessa and not give equal love for A Fashionable Life Platinum Vanessa Perrin.  This doll was the most difficult for me to find at a price I could afford.  It took me many years to add her to my collection.  She was released in 2005 just like her sister.  Her retail was $250 and her edition size was only 200.   She was a direct purchase from Integrity Toys.
You can see she is the twin to the raven version.  A Fashionable Life Platinum shares a central location in my collection with her sister.
That face up and hair are sheer perfection.
A Fashionable Life Platinum Vanessa Perrin just doesn't know how to take a bad photo.  (Although I can!)

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Roville said...

Simply gorgeous.