Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 33

First, I am going to respond to a couple comments I've received.  One follower requested the name of the repaint artist who corrected the eyes recently on some of my dolls.  I wasn't trying to withhold this information selfishly; I've been asked by this artist not to share their name at present because they have been under the weather with health issues.  I promise to share this when the artist feels better and is ready to take on commissions.

Another follower asked how to keep up with the release of Fashion Royalty dolls.  There are several ways.

1.  Integrity Toys has a Facebook page that collectors can join.  They share quite a bit of information there.  You can like them and will receive notices directly from IT.  The link to their Facebook page is:
Integrity Toys Facebook Page

2.  Integrity Toys also has a W Club for collectors.  Collectors pay for a membership in December/ January and have access to a lot of information.  There are webinairs, e-mails, etc.  A lot of bloggers post the dates when they become available.

3.  Many collectors also share this information on doll forums.  Personally, I participate on Doll Divas Message Board.  Here is the link:
Doll Divas Collecting Forum

4.  Another great way is to do is develop a relationship with one of the retailers.  Here is the link to the list of Integrity retailers:
Fashion Royalty Stores

5.  Finally, there are some wonderful blogs out there.  Most are much better than mine.   I considered listing blogs that I follow, but I was afraid I might hurt someone's feelings through omission of their link.  It wouldn't be intentional, so I chose not to list them.

Now, let's get down to business …. The next doll does not represent a face up change, but a re-root of her hair.  I purchased this doll with this change already finished.  I had been watching for her for many years, but I've never been able to afford her on the secondary market.   She was recently offered with the rerooted hair at a fair price.   She is High Gloss Agnes Von Weiss.
I have been trying to space out dolls of the same character/mold, but it couldn't be avoided this time.  She is the only complete re-root in my collection.   High Gloss Agnes Von Weiss is from the 2008 Australian Convention "Dolls in Oz".   Her edition size was 300 and she sold for $200.
I have her wearing the Silkstone Muffie Roberts ensemble.    I think High Gloss Agnes Von Weiss has some of the most beautiful steel gray eyes.  Those "thatched" eyebrows and pale lips don't hurt her face up any either!

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jSarie said...

What a fabulous hat on that doll!