Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 32

In my opinion, the next doll is one of the most beautiful dolls produced by Integrity Toys in the past five years.   She is also one of the most elusive.   In 2010, Integrity Toys did something really nice for the collectors who took on leadership roles at the conventions.  If you had been a table host or taught at a workshop, you received a gift from IT - a "helper" doll which was one of the dolls from the convention with a different hair treatment.   They did this for three years.   "Helper" dolls could not be purchased and were released in very small edition sizes of less than 100.

The next doll is from the 2011 Convention, Point of Departure Eugenia Helper Doll.  Only 75 of her produced, and I feel very fortunate to own her.
Point of Departure Eugenia Helper is wearing the Mattel Silkstone Cocktail Ensemble from last year.  As beautiful as she is redressed, her face and her hair is what makes me swoon.   Such elegance!
That strawberry red hair is perfection with this face up.  She is one of my very favorite dolls in my collection.

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Matty said...

She is definitely the Toast of the town! Love!