Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 38

This blog post should be about Vanessa Perrin 3.0, but I don't have one removed from the box.  I haven't bonded with this mold yet.   There were two produced in 2012 on the regular FR body and then Vanessa 3.0 moved on to the FR2 body in 2013.  I have high hopes for the W Club Upgrade doll, Fashion Explorer Vanessa Perrin, which hasn't been released yet.  (Photo property of Integrity Toys)
I guess it was only a matter of time for Kyori Sato to get "refreshed" also.   It happened in 2012.  Two versions were released that year with one additional release in 2013 as a W Club Exclusive.  There are only three editions of Kyori version 2.0 on the regular FR body.  The gift set from 2012, And Another Thing Kyori Sato, has been my favorite.  It was released in an edition size of 400 and sold for $150.  It was a mini gift set, coming with an evening gown, lingerie, and business suit.

And Another Thing Kyori is wearing one of my favorite Fashion Royalty ensembles, Style Renaissance Adele Makeda.  This is another instance where I prefer the original mold to the "refreshed" version.  Although a lovely doll, I still haven't warmed up to her.   Kyori Sato version 2.0 is now part of the FR2 mainline collection of eight "core" dolls.

So if you've stayed with me this long, we can reflect back on our history once more.  There are 16 separate Fashion Royalty characters.  Out of those sixteen, the following have been refreshed:

Adele: Version 2.0 and Version 3.0
Natalia: Version 1.5 and Version 2.0
Veronique: Version 2.0
Vanessa: Version 2.0 and Version 3.0
Kyori: Version 2.0
(Elise, Agnes, and Eugenia were added to these five characters to give us the "core" eight dolls of the Fashion Royalty collection.)

With the additional eight mold refreshes, collectors now have a total of 24 separate Fashion Royalty molds that could reside in one collection!  That's with only one version of each mold and does not include Poppy, NuFace, Hommes, DG, FR2, etc.

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Veronica said...

I didn't think I liked the new Kyori much either. I wanted And Another Thing in a pale skintone instead. I have her too. I like her a lot, but I don't quite love her as much in person as in photos. I didn't like the club one, Love the One Kyori. Her makeup was too hard and quite frankly she looks a touch crazy. I had the gal from convention, Peak Season, but I wasn't quite in love with her either. I missed the last convention and didn't get the lovely one that had the green dress on, Dangerous to Know. I think she's the best one yet. The one coming out this year I didn't order, I don't like her, or her fashion much. So I painted Peak Season. She's on the photo table this week. Once I started changing her face and saw the mold without any paint I fell for her. Turns out, yes, I do like new Kyori! I just haven't really completely loved any of the face ups so far. I expect them to get it so right, so perfect, one of these times and everyone is going to need her.