Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 39

This post represents the most controversial change in all of Integrity Toys (IT) history.  IT had warned collectors that Veronique was getting "refreshed" and held them in suspense for two years.   What collectors didn't know was that Vero's sister, Vanessa Perrin, was going "under the knife" as well.   Unlike her big sister, Vanessa did not disappear from sight - there were four versions of her released in 2009 (including one of the most sought after ever Luxe Life) and three versions in 2010.

When Vanessa version 2.0 was unveiled in 2011, you would have thought the Fashion Royalty world had come to an end!   There are some very passionate Vanessa Perrin collectors out there!  (You can count me as one!)   No matter how hard IT tried, no matter how beautiful the 2.0 versions were (and they were!), collectors refused to accept this refreshed character.  Our beloved Vanessa Perrin 2.0 had a closed mouth! How could they?!
I was surprised to find that I own all three released Vanessa 2.0 versions.  My favorite is Current Pursuits Vanessa Perrin.  She is from the Fashion Royalty mainline release in 2011.  There were 500 in her edition size and she retailed for $120.  She is wearing the ensemble from Business Class Anja of the 2011 Integrity Convention.
Had Vanessa Perrin version 2.0 been released as separate character, I think she would've been, and continue to be, one of the most popular Fashion Royalty molds.   It is so unfortunate that she was the center of such a controversy.  In my opinion, Current Pursuits Vanessa Perrin and her sister Dress Code are two of the most lovely dolls ever released by Integrity Toys.  I hope IT finds a way to bring back this mold and collectors embrace version 2.0 for its own beauty.

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