Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 7

When looking through my flickr page, it's easy to spot my favorite molds.  They have been repeated quite a bit during this summer countdown.   The focus of my blog today is another mold that has not been refreshed.   She is probably my second favorite mold and has never been included in the regular Fashion Royalty lineup.  Collectors have never been able to purchase this doll from a dealer - they are only offered directly through Integrity Toys as "event dolls".   I have owned every version of this doll except one - the ever elusive Saks 5th Avenue Agnes Von Weiss given to 100 guests at Jason Wu's Saks fashion show.  Saks Agnes has caused me more angst than any other.   Fortunately, I have several beautiful versions to help keep my mind off her.

That includes Regal Estate Agnes Von Weiss who was released in 2010 with an edition size of 300.  She cost $209 (Australian).  

Since her introduction in 2006, Agnes Von Weiss has been released in 18 Fashion Royalty versions and 3 FR2 versions.  Regal Estate Agnes Von Weiss is one of the twelve Agnes dolls living here.    I have sold five versions since last year and still have three NRFB:  Optic Verve, Poesie Enchante, and Silver Zinger.  I rely on Regal Estate and her sisters to console me over never owning Saks 5th Avenue.   - "What do you need her for?  Look at me?  She pales in comparison?"  

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