Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 8

I can say something about the next Fashion Royalty character that I can't say about any other.  At one time or another, I have actually owned every version of this character.   Her mold has never been changed, and I hope it never is.  She is my favorite of all molds.  She was introduced in 2007 and there have been 22 releases of her (19 FR and 3 FR2).   Of the 22 releases, 17 still live here (I am including the Urban Safari doll due out soon).   For me personally, the most difficult to get was High Drama Eugenia Frost.  She was a centerpiece doll from the 2007 Integrity Convention.  There were only 150 in her edition and she cost $150.

It would be near impossible for me to choose a favorite of this mold.  I have already included five other versions in my 60 day countdown.  High Drama Eugenia Frost continues to be very sought after by collectors and remains in the top of my favorites.

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Roville said...

The black and white is striking. The skirt is conservative, yet the lace peeking through the sheer blouse is pure controlled sexiness.