Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 12

This is another doll that I had taken on with the plans of selling and then decided I just couldn't let her go.   Personally, I believe the original Kyori Sato mold 1.0 was very versatile.  Kyori started out in 2004 as an Asian doll with the releases of Urban Geisha and Red Blooded Woman.  Before she moved to the taller body, we got three of my favorites who have already been spotlighted this summer:  Glam Slam/2004, Ginza/2005, and Born to Gamble/2005.  Just like her nemesis Veronique, Kyori Sato was a hit or miss on the taller body.

Although I have owned many versions of Kyori, I seem to prefer her more recent releases as a blonde with A Brighter Side and Quick Silver.  The only other tall version who resides here is her last official FR release No Reservation Kyori Sato.  She was a table centerpiece doll from the 2011 Jet Set Convention.  There were only 150 in her edition and she sold for $150.
I'm not sure why this doll has such a small fan base.  I think she was a beautiful and elegant way for Kyori mold 1.0 to depart.  No Reservation Kyori is wearing the navy dress from the silkstone The Romance Grace Kelly with a OOAK belt.  I added the navy hat from Mattel's Spring in Tokyo and voila!

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