Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 11

If you've been collecting for a long period of time, you've probably fallen into the mistake of selling a doll and then buying it again.    I've done this more than once!  I've even gone so far as selling a doll, buying her back, and selling her again!   I blame this behavior on the enablers who post extraordinary photos of dolls.   There have been instances when I've not bonded with a doll, ended up selling her, then seeing her potential through another collector and buying her again.

The topic of today's post is a doll that I purchased when she was released.  I sold her last year when I was reducing numbers, reasoning that I already had another doll who favored her.  Dressing The Part Agnes Von Weiss is one of my favorite dolls.  She was the subject of an earlier post.   This year I was able to add a Holy Grail doll, Poesie Enchante Agnes who is still NRFB.  Even though I own both of these dolls and they are similar, I decided I needed to bring back Head for Glamour Agnes.
Although all three dolls have side-swept bangs with an undo, they each bring something unique to my collection.  Head for Glamour Agnes is from the 2010 Integrity Convention, The Dark Romance.  She was released in an edition size of 425 and was part of the convention gift set.  Head for Glamour Agnes saw Adele wearing this Valia ensemble and insisted she take it off immediately upon her arrival.    I guess she plans to stay this time.

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