Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 10

During the past 51 days I've tried to be careful about "balancing" my spotlights.  I've covered at least one of each mold produced as Fashion Royalty dolls.   I appreciate the diversity of a collection.  It is unfortunate that there aren't more ethnic dolls in the Integrity World.

Integrity introduced the FR2 line at their convention in 2010.   The first release to the collecting community was in 2011.   Being a new line, I was hesitant.  I wanted to give it a good chance, yet start slow.  I purchased two of the ensembles that year.  One was Metropolitan.  It had an edition size of 300 and cost $100.   It took me forever to find a doll that could wear this ensemble.   I wound up using the cummerbund belt from a different outfit to make the fashion fit properly.   Here is Talking Drama Adele Makeda wearing Metropolitan.
Talking Drama Adele was released in 2007.   Her edition size was 500 and she cost $150.  From the dolls released that season, her edition size was the lowest.  There are only three black Integrity dolls in their mainline:

Adele Makeda
   Mold 1.0:  FR 8 releases
   Mold 2.0:  FR 19 releases
   Mold 3.0:  FR 3 releases
   Mold 3.0:  FR2 2 releases
   FR2:  3 releases
   FR: 4 releases

Adele Makeda's 2.0 mold is one of my top dolls to collect.  I have owned fifteen versions of Adele and twelve are still living here (two of Paparazzi Darling).   Talking Drama Adele is a favorite.


Phyllis said...

Very pretty and she wears it well! Just love the head piece.

olla123 said...

Cudowna lalka!

Georgia Girl said...

Your pictures are superb!