Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 6

In addition to Eugenia, Agnes, Vanessa 1.0, and Adele 2.0, the Kyori Sato 1.0 gets a lot of attention around here.  I remember when the next doll arrived.  Every now and then a doll comes along that gets you excited.   When she arrives, you tear her from the box.  You can't wait to get her in front of the camera.  That was my experience with Quicksilver Kyori Sato.
Unless she's never been redressed, I don't usually include a photo of a doll in her original ensemble; however, in this case, I wanted my readers to see her stock outfit.  Quicksilver Kyori Sato was a member of "The Glamorous Collection" in spring 2008.   "The Glamorous Collection" is my very favorite "Basic" collection ever released by Integrity Toys.  There were 1200 of each character from the mainline group and each cost only $80.  Even so, these dolls rarely come up on secondary market.  (The 5th doll, Onyx Veronique, was part of the 2008 Integrity Convention, was released in an edition size of only 300, and cost $150)  I own every one of these dolls.  They are amazing.
This style is completely contrary to what I collect, but I absolutely adore these dolls.  To me, they represent some of the finest screenings of Fashion Royalty dolls ever.  They are so much fun to redress!  Here is Quicksilver Kyori wearing one of my favorite Integrity ensembles - Silver Society from 2001-2002.
This doll just refuses to take a bad photo.  She looks good in everything.  Quicksilver Kyori is one of the very top dolls in my collection.


Phyllis said...

Oh no, say it isn't so! Day 6. When does your school start up? We still have the month of August yet. School here doesn't start until after Labor Day.

olla123 said...

Lalka ma piękny makijaż! Wspaniała panna!