Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 3

IT Basic Edition refers to a re-vamped Integrity Toys line of dolls that has gotten a lot of interest in the past 12 months.  At the 2013 Integrity Convention, two dolls were released from this line.  Hard Metal Lilith could be purchased for $65 and is running upwards of $400 on the secondary market today.  Two lotteries were held in 2013-2014 for this line, and my dear husband was lucky enough to win the opportunity to purchase the next doll with his membership.  (We each got a membership in anticipation of attending the convention this year.)  I was so excited to get Second Skin Vanessa Perrin.  First, it was a mold 1.0 doll on a regular FR body.  Second, IT threw collectors a curve ball by making Vanessa a black doll.  Third, she only cost $75 and there were 300 in her edition size.

This is another doll that is difficult to capture on camera.   I love her raven, thick, curly hair.   (But I am trying to keep it managed by tying it back with a ribbon.)  Second Skin Vanessa Perrin is one of the most unique dolls in my collection, so I couldn't leave her out of my countdown!

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