Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 20

I remember when I received the next doll.  At first, her pale skin tone and light hair were a bit disconcerting.  Then she grew on me in a big way.  Although she wasn't the first Agnes Von Weiss released, for some reason, she is always the doll that comes to mind when I think of the character.   Here she is the second W Club exclusive ever released, Dressing the Part Agnes Von Weiss.
Dressing the Part was released in 2006 in an edition size of 750 and cost W Club members $130.  I have her dressed in Barbie's Kentucky Derby outfit.   It has been so hot lately here in the south, she needed a light and airy sundress.   Although Firefly is my favorite doll from this mold, Dressing the Part will always be Agnes Von Weiss to me.

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Roville said...

One of my favorite Barbie fashions - your Agnes looks southern-belle-lovely in it.