Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 14

With the IFDC going on in Las Vegas this weekend, I looked back over my collection to see which IFDC dolls live here.   Three posts ago, I spotlighted my favorite IFDC from last year, Bloodlines Tatyana.  To my surprise, I have spotlighted Day 57: Diamond Dusted Veronique/2004, Day 19: Born To Gamble Kyori/2005, Day 49: Dress Me Luchia/2007, Day 42: Go West Natalia/2011, and Day 56: Shake It Up Korrine/2012.   In addition, I have Long Cool Woman Kesenia/2012 on a NuFace body.  I also have two IFDC still NRFB:  Go Home Rayna/2011 and Checkmate - The Red Queen Tatyana/2010.    That makes ten IFDC exclusive dolls living here, including the subject of today's spotlight, Rock Me Baby Rayna.
Rock Me Baby Rayna is wearing a blouse and slacks created by Clear Lan.  I have broken my rule about only featuring FR dolls again.  Rock Me Baby Rayna was released on a Brides of Dracula body. It just didn't suit her at all.  I tried her on a NuFace body, a regular FR body, and a FR2 body.  As you can see the FR2 body suits this doll!

There have only been three issues of Rayna, and all three have been convention exclusives.   Go Home Rayna (a modern fashion interpretation of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz) is a serious collector favorite and often fetches $400+ on the secondary market.   She is a NuFace doll.
I recently sold my 2011 High Toned Rayna from the 2011 Jet Set Covention.  She was the first Rayna issued and had a tan skin tone.  The photos of her on secondary market are amazing where collectors have taken her hair down and relaxed it, but there was something about her face up that bothered me.
Rock Me Baby Rayna is probably my favorite of the three.  She loves the camera!

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