Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 15

Since I started my countdown, I have sold 25 dolls on The Doll Page.  It's hard to believe.  Most of my silkstones have moved on to new homes and several FR dolls - many NRFB.  I still have quite a few listed. 

Redressing and posting pictures of my dolls has either renewed my love for a doll or helped me realize the doll should be sold, so she be appreciated by another collector.  I have been surprised by some of my decisions. 

One problem with photographing a doll to sell is you always take the chance of deciding to keep her.  That's what happened with today's subject.  She is one of the newer dolls, having just been added to my collection this year.  She is Gold Glam Adele Makeda.  I won the opportunity to purchase her from a W Club lottery.  There were only 300 of her produced and she cost $75.  
The minute this doll arrived, I compared her to Beyonce.  I have tried redressing her in chic clothing, in modern street clothing, in gowns.  I hadn't put her in anything truly casual.  I love her in jeans and a t-shirt.  I think I like her better casual than dressed up!   She was on the block, but now I can't bring myself to let her go.  Gold Glam Adele will be staying around.

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