Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 18

I have been trying to vary the subjects of the blog, but I only have one of several FR molds/characters that are on display.  There is only one Elise, Korinne, Anja, Kesenia, Luchia, Tatyana, Jordan, and Isha.   My favorite characters, in order, would be Eugenia, Agnes, Vanessa 1.0, and Adele 2.0.  Since I have so many versions of these dolls, their photos keep repeating.  Today's focus is Fine Romance Eugenia Frost.  She was an exclusive to the 2010 Convention and was released in an edition size of 425.  Her retail price was $150.
I have her modeling the dress from 2007 Dark Narcissus Kyori.   Fine Romance is probably the most "severe" of the Eugenia dolls who live here.   I think even Agnes stands clear of this icy stare!

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Roville said...

She is stunning. Cool, sophisticated and somewhat frosty. You did a great job with the redress - Kyori’s frock suits her. The headband is a nice touch, and I can’t help but admire how nice her hair still looks.