Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 19

Usually I photograph the next doll when I'm photographing the A Fashionable Life Vanessa girls.  I always lump her in with them.  Maybe it is because they were all produced in 2005 (which was a VERY good year for Integrity Toys).   She is Born to Gamble Kyori Sato.
Another good reason to include Born to Gamble Kyori with the AFL Vanessas is that she also has a very elaborate undo.   She was an IFDC exclusive, was produced in an edition size of 600 and cost $150.   I have upgraded her to a tall handspeak body as I have all my favorite girls.
This doll came with some "cool toys" including a bottle of Karen Walker liquor and a deck of miniature playing cards. I love the reference to Karen Walker from the Will & Grace comedy series.   I definitely see the resemblance to Miss Anastasia Beaverhausen.

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