Saturday, December 27, 2014

Best of 2014 - Number 3

This doll should be higher on my list, but it falls at Number 3 because I'm listing the last few spots by their character representations of 2014.   Agnes Von Weiss is easily one of collectors' favorite FR characters and has never been offered for purchase through retail.  She has always been deemed as "An Event Doll".

This year, collectors only saw two versions of Agnes.  One was High Visibility Agnes, an online event exclusive.   She was a mini-giftset that supported the Urban Safari theme of the mainline collection.  She sold for $135.
Although the concept may have been spot on, the execution during production was off somehow.  I did not care for this doll at all.  The fabric choices just did not work for me.  I have never been fond of Agnes with red hair, and my doll's hair is thinly rooted.  I didn't care for the lip color or the fact that the coloring does not follow the mold lines.  The eye screening is a little off.  She's still in her box.  I've thought of trying to get a replacement through Patient Care, but I've bothered them so much already this year.
After such a let down earlier in the year, I had high hopes for the Gloss Convention.  To say the least, I wasn't let down.  Intimate Reveal Agnes Von Weiss was everything anyone could've asked for in the convention doll.  (The following two photos are property of Integrity Toys).
This doll provided all attendees the opportunity to own a reasonable substitute for three grail girls: Optic Verve, Silver Zinger, and High Gloss.  Intimate Reveal Agnes Von Weiss is almost an amalgamation of these three.  It doesn't hurt that she is wearing a miniature version of an actual Jason Wu original design!
Unfortunately, my doll is still in her box.  Her price has soared on the secondary market.  She was another Christmas gift I found under my tree on Christmas morning.  She will have a proper de-boxing in a future blog entry.

As I mentioned earlier, this doll would be much higher on my list had there been more than one good version offered this year.  My doll is just about perfect to the promo pictures, and I find her mesmerizing.

Best of 2014
Number 3
Intimate Reveal Agnes Von Weiss

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