Monday, December 22, 2014

Best of 2014 - Number 9

If Victoire Roux fans left the collecting table feeling more than satisfied, Poppy Parker collectors were absolutely stuffed!   I was very worried about 2014 because I've had a "love/hate" relationship with Poppy Parker.   I started collecting Poppy with her very first releases in 2009.   Unfortunately Poppy Parker causes quite a frenzy with collectors and individuals can get quite mean when it comes to their favorite girl.  The secondary market values on some Poppy dolls made it impossible for me to enjoy mine, so they found new homes.

I swore that I wouldn't add any Poppy girls to my collection in 2013 but fell completely in love with the World's Fair theme.  I purchased every single doll from that collection!  Since this was the fifth anniversary of Poppy Parker, I was afraid I was done for.

That didn't happen.

(This blog uses many images that are the property of Integrity Toys since only one Poppy came to live with me this year.)  The mainline theme for Poppy Parker this year was spy related - not my cup of tea (or should I say not my "shaker of martini").   The year started with the W Club upgrade Poppy, The Girl from I.N.T.E.G.R.I.T.Y.  Although I passed on this version of Poppy, I think she was probably the best of theme.
When the mainline was released, it turned out there were three Poppy Parkers, three friends, and two hommes in the collection.  It was almost overwhelming.  All three of the Poppys were released in an edition size of 800 and cost $120 each. The first of the Poppy girls, was Agent Lotta Danger.  The catsuit was cute and the doll, itself, was surprisingly sweet.

Next up was Spy A-Go-Go.
The third doll was Mayhem in Monte Carlo.
Unfortunately, this doll reminds me a great deal of Corie Bratter Poppy from 2013.
The fourth Poppy in this collection was just a head that was included with another doll, Sebina Havoc Mistress of Mayhem.  I had hoped to purchase this later, but, as it turns out, this was the most popular doll from the collection.
Collectors were beginning to feel like there wasn't enough fanfare for their favorite doll's anniversary, until the first W Club Exclusive Poppy was revealed.  It truly represented what collectors were waiting for.  It was Joyous Celebration Poppy Parker.  This doll had the vintage look of earlier Poppy dolls, even the screening of Fashion Night Out.  The dress was very reminiscent of a Japanese exclusive Francie dress from the 1960's.
It turned out Joyous Celebration was just getting the ball rolling.   For the first time, three different Poppy Parker dolls showed up at the IFDC.  There was a red haired version, IT Girl, in an edition size of 300 and a price point of $150.
Then there was a blonde, Evening Ingenue, also an edition size of 300 and a price of $150.
Finally there was a brunette, Glamorous Darling.  She was released in an edition size of 300 and cost $175.

These three dolls were instant successes and demand high prices on the secondary market.  With such beautiful Poppy dolls being released, collectors couldn't wait until the Convention to see what was offered.  Some of them may have been a little surprised that the theme turned to 1970's disco.

The luncheon centerpiece was Angel in Blue.  300 attendees got the opportunity to purchase this doll.
While all 500 attendees received Starlight Poppy as a gift.
Two other versions showed up at the convention.   There was Dark Moon.
And Wild Thing.   (I actually liked the kookiness of the Jodi Foster "Taxi" ensemble.)
And if that wasn't enough Poppy Parker for one year, the W Club had one last lottery for an exclusive, Holiday Feeling.   With over 800 dolls and a price tag of $120, there still weren't enough to go around.
With 14 Poppy Parker releases in 2014, it was near impossible to choose one for my countdown.  My personal favorite was Joyous Celebration.  I believe this version stayed true to the original story and character of Poppy Parker.  This is my photo of Joyous Celebration in her box.

Number 9
Best of 2014
Joyous Celebration
Poppy Parker

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Troy said...

I also feel somewhat ambivalent about the Poppy line. Sometimes her face just doesn't look quite right. I purchased some of the friends from this year's offerings, but no Poppy dolls -- yet.