Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Best of 2014 - Number 8

I have only attended one doll convention, the 2012 Integrity Toys Tropicalia Convention in Orlando.  It was at this convention that IT introduced their new Color Infusion line and "Build-A-Doll Workshop". This workshop is very popular with collectors.   They usually have several different male and female dolls and outfits.  Conventioneers get to choose which doll(s) they want and then choose which outfit to purchase for the doll to wear.  In 2012 there were 10 female and 4 males.

Color Infusion dolls share the Jem body style.  It is a little bigger than FR2 and has bigger feet.  I decided not to add another body type to my collection; however, some of these dolls have gorgeous face ups.   If I was going to keep any dolls, they would require a different body.  Somehow the heads didn't look right on the original FR body, and FR2 bodies are hard to come by, selling for $75+ on the secondary market.

I decided to limit myself to one doll only, Subject C.
At the 2013 Premier Convention, the Color Infusion Workshop again included 10 female and 4 male dolls.  This time the dolls had character names.  I decided that since I only kept one CI from 2012, then I would only allow myself one from 2013.   It turned out to be an easy choice; that doll was collectors' favorite, Tilda Bisby.
I was hoping there would be one stand-out doll at the 2014 Gloss Convention.  It turns out that it was very difficult to make a decision this year.  This year there were eight females and six males.   It was probably because I was so excited that we were getting NuFace characters again, but I went for a doll that has a much younger look.

Here she is looking like a college student home for the holidays.

Number 8
Best of 2014
Blue Burkhart

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Troy said...

She did seem to be a collector's favorite this year, and it's easy to see why. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was her hairstyle. I'm normally hesitant about changing it when they have "product" in them for a specific look. You've brushed it out, which gives her a much softer appearance that I like better. I might do the same. :-) And you are to be commended for establishing a limit and sticking to it! That can be difficult when almost all of the dolls in the Color Infusion line were so nice.