Saturday, December 27, 2014

Best of 2014 - Number 4

I can't begin to tell you how sad I was to see this doll's mold retired in 2011.   She is in my top five of all doll molds.   I have owned almost every version of her released.   You can only imagine my excitement when she was offered in a lottery of Integrity Toys Basic Edition dolls last December.

There were only 300 in her edition size and she cost $75.   I was so ecstatic that my lottery number was drawn.  Even though she was listed as a 2013 doll, she did not arrive until 2014.  She was the first doll added to my collection in 2014 and remains a favorite.  She is Gold Glam Adele Makeda.
This doll reminds me so much of Beyonce.   She has been redressed and photographed several times over the last twelve months.

The mainline Adele Makeda, Vivid Encounter, used mold 3.0.  At first, I wasn't going to order this doll, but collectors were very vocal about how much they loved the dress.  I was able to acquire one at retail, $135.  There were only 400 in her edition.
I have never warmed to mold 3.0.  I've owned every version, but most have found new homes.   Although I'm not fond of this doll's lip color, she's not a bad representation of the mold.
The third Adele Makeda released in 2014 was a gift doll at Integrity Toy's Gloss Convention Welcome Banquet.  She is Le Smoking Adele.  Again, I've not had the time to give her a proper deboxing.
I was so excited to see mold 2.0 again in 2014.   This time she has the richer skin tone of The Muse.   (Many collectors have purchased multiples of this doll to provide a donor for The Muse, so Le Smoking demands a solid price on the secondary market.)  Personally, I love the ensemble and the face!
Even with three strong offerings of Adele Makeda, it wasn't difficult to choose my favorite.

Best of 2014
Number 4
Gold Glam Adele Makeda/Beyonce

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Saturday Sequins said...

Adele is beautiful! I like both versions of her face mold, but your favorite is my favorite, too.