Friday, December 27, 2013

Best of 2013 - Number 4

Many collectors were very disappointed that Integrity Toys did not include the NuFace dolls in any of their 2013 releases.  IT has announced that the body will receive some minor changes before their re-introduction in 2014.

Convention attendees had fingers crossed for the appearance of some NuFace characters .   It wasn’t until the Integrity-Direct tickets were received that collectors found out there would be only one NuFace offering in 2013.

But what an offering she was!   She is called “Hard Metal” and uses the Lilith/Eden mold.  
One of the things that is so special about this doll is that it is the first time Lilith/Eden has been produced in a "Caucasian" skin tone.  In the past they've always used the "Japan" skin tone.

She sold for $65 and only 300 tickets were given out.  Although my convention packet did not contain a ticket, I got one secondary market before the prices skyrocketed to close to $400. 

I needed this doll.  She is definitely the “Lilith” to my Gretel “Eden” from last year.  I now feel like I have the perfect set of twins.  
NuFace dolls is my second favorite FR line.   My NuFace dolls probably get more redress time than any other dolls in my collection.  So, the proof is in the pudding.  How does Hard Metal look redressed?
She is wearing the coat from Old is New Giselle, the "leather" pants from Rock Me Baby Rayna, the blouse is hand crafted, the shoes are FR, and the jewelry a mish-mash of items from my collection.

I believe she looks quite smart and will fit in very well with my collection.  Personally, I believe she is the softest looking Lilith which is strange since she is called Hard Metal.   She is my favorite Lilith produced to date.

Number 4
Heavy Metal
ITBE using Lilith/Eden Mold

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Anonymous said...

She's lovely; I love her screening.

Christie H.