Sunday, December 29, 2013

Best of 2013 - Number 3

I don't usually open my blog with a youtube video, but I believe this video is wonderfully delightful.   I love it when Ms. Azria corrects Robert Best and says, "Barbie would be a Herve Leger elite client."

This gift set shows a collaboration between true couture designers and Mattel.  We come to expect this from Integrity Toys, but it is surprising to find such attention to detail in 1:6 scale for Barbie.  Herve Leger is definitely not your daughter's or your mother's Barbie.  It is for the modern adult collector.
I loved this doll when the first European photos sneaked into the collecting community. It cannot be denied that this is an expensive Barbie.  Even with the fact that you get two ensembles, the price is steep.  However, Mattel had a 20% off sale recently with free shipping.  My Mother-in-law got me this one Christmas.  (Gotta love that kind of Mother-in-law!)

The red ribbon dress slips on over Barbie's hips (as does the bandage dress).  There are no snaps, loops, or velcro.  The black leather bustier zips up in the back with a working zipper.  The boots are plastic, but are have quite a bit of detail with gold embellishment where the buckles would be.  The little gold and black plastic purse actually opens.
Although this doll will appeal to the NRFB crowd, the doll looks great out of the box.  Her hair is very elaborate.  Her face up subtle and lovely.

It was a pity there was no jewelry included in this gift set.  That is an unfortunate oversight for such a great doll.  I decided to pierce my doll's ears and give her some earrings.  What the heck?  Why not give her articulation while I'm at it?  Her skin tone matches the "caramel" skin tone produced by IT for Poppy and Dynamite Girls.  Throw in some nicer shoes and let's see what we get...
Now she can pose with the best of the dolls in my collection.  These dresses are showing up on Fashion Royalty and Nu Face dolls all over Flickr.  They are very versatile.  Here is Fame by Frame Imogen in the bandage dress.

These are definitely dresses that belong in any doll's closet.   However, the doll cannot be easily dismissed.  With articulation she truly carries her own in my collection.  What a lovely surprise coming from Mattel.

Number 3
Herve Leger Barbie

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Vanessa said...

Thanks for the detailed review. That Imogen is still one of my faves.