Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best of 2013 - Number 1

I've never had a tie on my "Best of" list before, but there's always a first!  And, in this case, the tie is actually for first place.  I waffled back and forth for several days when I was doing my Best of 2013.   Finally, I came to the conclusion that I just couldn't decide between these two dolls.  Since I had a "non-doll" (the Mattel Wardrobe) holding a spot in the top 10, that still meant only 10 dolls are listed.  (Isn't it amazing how we can justify things!)

First up is the best ever, in my opinion, Integrity "Convention Doll".    Hands down.  No argument.  Engaging Elise was on my list of most wanted dolls for two years.  She always sells for ridiculous secondary market prices, so I had given up hope of ever owning her.  I guess I don't need her now.  I was so excited when my friend texted me the photo of the Jason Wu Convention X doll - Midnight Star Elise.
Here are the accessories.
These shoes are amazing.  The stiletto heels are extreme.  There are little pearls on the tops of the shoes in front.  Midnight Star came with a square diamond ring, another set of hands (notice the blue manicure!), earrings, and a bracelet.
The dress is actual 1:6 scale replica of one of Jason's personal favorites of his designs.  How amazing is that!
She is so beautiful.   Just exquisite.

Next up, was the centerpiece dolls from Monday's opening ceremonies.  When my friend texted me that both her number and my proxy's number was called, I couldn't believe my luck!  I squealed with delight.  Eugenia a personal favorite around her.  After Tonight Eugenia does not disappoint.
She came with an extra set of hands, earrings, bracelet, extremely high heels, and a little fascinator.
This dress is equally impressive out of box.
Another perfect doll.
How could you pick one over the other?  I couldn't!

Number 1
Midnight Star Elise
After Tonight Eugenia
I played around a little in photo shop and decided to make the picture true "old hollywood" …

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Eve*Sparkle said...

Both these dolls are lovely, I wouldn't be able to decide either! :)