Sunday, December 29, 2013

Best of 2013 - Number 2

I have been waiting for this doll to be produced for years.

All collectors have a list of their “Grail Dolls”.  Those elusive dolls that are near impossible to purchase.  They rarely come available, and when they do, they are almost impossible to afford.  My number 1 grail doll would have to be Saks Fifth Avenue Agnes.

The last one that came available on E-bay sold for over $1600.  Saks was produced wearing an ensemble that looks to be almost an exact replica of Dressing the Part Agnes.  Since I already own Dressing the Part and know that the skirt stains the body,  I would be purchasing this doll for the head only.   I just can't justify spending that kind of money on a doll head.

When I saw October Issue Agnes, I immediately thought of Saks Fifth Avenue.  They may not be exactly alike, but I can live with the difference enough to be content.
Here is closeup in the box:
I really like the detail in the eyebrows.  The suit is very nicely designed and well-constructed.   Her accessories were nice (especially the shoes) though minimal.  I believe she needs a purse.
Although I had every intention of pulling ultimate sacrilege of rebodying this Agnes to a regular FR body so I could put her in the Dressing the Part outfit, I really like the way she looks in her stock.
My favorite doll of 2013
Number 2
October Issue Agnes 


toto said...

She is my number 1 for this year, really beautiful in person. At first I was a bit repulsed by her makeup but I love it now. I let her hair down, she looks amazing. Though I like her outfit, I think that it should have been a floral dress from Dolce & Gabbana spring 2014 (white and green). When I pull her hair up she looks the same as those blondes from the runway...

Anonymous said...

This doll captures so well that "Catherine Deneuve look"; not the Belle De Jour one, but the 70's more mature Deneuve, when she was the image of Chanel nº5.
So you say this one is doll nº1?...What will the nº1 absolute?

Christie H.