Monday, December 23, 2013

Best of 2013 - Number 8

At the very same Webinair where the “Classics” line was unveiled, Integrity Toys previewed their Poppy Parker collection.  It was called “At The 1965 International Fair”. 
Having attended the 2012 Integrity Convention in Orlando, I had already received information about this collection.  As a W Club member, I had the opportunity to purchase To the Fair Poppy which was another “teaser” for this future lineup.  Although I have claimed to “not collect Poppy Parker”, I had been anxiously awaiting this collection and the To the Fair Poppy.

When To The Fair arrived, I was surprised by how much I really loved this doll.   Her arrival helped me to let go of the Baby, It's You Poppy/Chip Giftset.
Most collectors, myself included, had assumed the mainline dolls would be dressed in 1965 fashions.  Au contraire – the design team at IT decided to give us dolls dressed in costumes like the international pavilion at the fair.   (This was the inspiration for Disney’s “It’s A Small World .)

At first I wasn’t happy – comparing these dolls to the Mattel “Dolls of the World” which has been overdone.  Furthermore, the costumes did not have the flexibility for mix n match wardrobes.  Sulking like a kid, I tried to ignore this line.  This was my biggest doll mistake of 2013.  When the line was actually released, I had to purchase two of these dolls on secondary market - breaking one of my collecting rules.

I have already reviewed Irresistible In India - whom I believe will appear on many "Best of" lists this year.   The other doll I bought secondary market was Sweet in Switzerland; again, another shoe-in for "Best of" lists.   I was able to get Spicy in Spain, Pretty in Polynesia, and Joyful in Japan at retail.  The six dolls make a beautiful grouping.

Here is To The Fair with Irresistible in India.  Don't they look great together?   I love all six of the dolls in this group and have never redressed them.  They tell a story and I really love it.

With all of these Poppy dolls and the four others released in 2013, I still find To The Fair the most beautiful of the bunch.  I love her whole ensemble - hat, scarf, bag, shoes.
Number 8
To The Fair Poppy Parker


Lisa Neault said...

I don't blame you for loving this line. I have Joyful in Japan, and Spicey in Spain as well as To the Fair. I missed out on India, Switzerland and Polynesia, but they are all lovely. Joyful in Japan is my favorite- and they look astonishing redressed!

Heather said...

She is lovely *nod*