Sunday, December 22, 2013

Best of 2013 - Number 9

Collectors of the Integrity Toys Fashion Royalty line experienced a year of drought in 2013.   The first FR dolls weren’t even released until almost midyear.

At one of the most eagerly anticipated webinairs this past spring, IT previewed the FR line called “Classic Collection”.  The strange thing was that none of the FR regular lineup of dolls was shown – sort of an oxymoron on the word "classic", don't you think?.  There was no Veronique, no Adele, no Vanessa, no Natalia, no Kyori - not even an Agnes or Eugenia.   Additionally, the face-ups were missing lower eyeliner.  What a disappointment!

The five dolls released in this line did not sell well.  I felt sorry for retailers.   (Not so much for scalpers though!)  

Following the webinair, W Club members were allowed to purchase an exclusive which turned out to be the best of the “Classic” line.  I don’t know if this doll is beautiful or if she is merely the best of the worst, but she was the most popular FR mainline doll of 2013. 

Number 9
Fashion Royalty Classic
Irresistible Dania
Since I reviewed this doll in a past blog entry, I will keep this brief.   She is the only tan version of Dania.  She makes a good sibling for Force of Nature Agnes, Glow Vanessa, Paparazzi Bait Adele, and Going Public Eugenia.   

I know that I took many photos of this doll.  I believe she is quite lovely; however, her hairstyle is near impossible to maintain.   I decided to boil perm her hair straight and found that most of the allure of this girl is actually her hair.  I purchased a second one from IT at retail to keep pristine.  

Her stock ensemble is fantastic.  That leather coat will be a “wardrobe standard” in my dolls’ closets.   She really is a lovely doll and the time she spent in front of the camera makes her worthy of spot Number 9 in my countdown.

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