Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Blue Christmas - Best of 2013 - Number 6

Integrity Toys usually does one BIG reveal of the year’s dolls.  In 2013, they announced they were going to do “mini-reveals” using a webinair format.  

The first mini-reveal included the third installment of dolls from Audrey Hepburn movies.   This line has struggled in the past.   The first year, they used a new mold which collectors did not care for.   In 2012 they used Poppy Parker which was much favored, but some of the collection still struggled to attract collectors.    

At the 2012 Convention, the IT team shared that they would be “mixing it up” in 2013.

I was very impressed with how they combined head molds from one character with a different body type.  It was nice to have shorter versions of Anja, Vanessa, Veronique, and Imogen.   This opened up a new world of re-dress possibility.   The best of this group was “A Woman Who Thinks” Marion/Dovima which uses the Anja mold and a monogram body with Bride of Dracula legs.

This is another doll for which I have already blogged.  I absolutely LOVE Dovima.   She can wear Mattel, Nuface, Monogram, FR2, and many FR outfits.   Sheer perfection.

She is wearing blue for a "Blue Christmas".  Hope you like her.

Number 6
A Woman Who Thinks
Funny Face Marion/Dovima 
Using Anja Face Mold.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! A classic beauty and style.

Christie H.