Thursday, December 8, 2016

Countdown Preparation Part V - 2014

The theme of "diversity" from 2013 continued into 2014.  My doll collecting was seriously branching out: Victoire Roux, Poppy Parker, Color Infusion, NuFace, and Fashion Royalty.  Mattel had such a great showing in 2013 that I was disappointed in 2014 with no Barbie line dolls being represented.

It was in 2014 that I seriously started cutting out doll lines.  I have sold almost all of my Dynamite Girls, Tulabelle, and all 16" Fashion dolls.  I have favorite doll molds and it is very difficult to let go of many of them.  It was in 2014 that I actually listed the top 5 dolls by character, with the best of each character being represented.

My Number 1 spot in 2014 was given to the character Elyse Jolie.  The version chosen as best was as big a surprise to me as anyone else.  When Montaigne Market Elyse Jolie was released (IN FRANCE) collectors were in a frenzy to acquire her.  Her secondary market price NRFB is usually over $500.  I had decided that she would not be joining my collection, when I found her being sold nude for less than a new doll.  I snapped her and never looked back.

While my other dolls were wearing blacks and neutrals, Montaigne Market Elyse Jolie decided to make a statement.  She is wearing a powder blue Mattel gown and boa.  (It is called "Between Takes" and is often found on e-bay for about $30.)
And a closeup of a remarkably beautiful face deserving of #1 of 2014.


Phyllis said...

Oh, she is really pretty! What Mattel gown is that?

Shasarignis said...

This doll is wonderful. See you soon.