Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Countdown Preparation Part IV - 2013

2013 was a VERY GOOD year for doll collecting.   This was the year that Silkstones made a serious comeback - Boater Ensemble, Luncheon Ensemble, and Cocktail Dress Ensemble were all released.  Although none of these dolls reside here, my girls are enjoying the clothing; they still represent some of my favorite ensembles presented by any doll manufacturer.  This was also the year of the Herve Leger Barbie!

Poppy Parker had an amazing year.  It was the first time I collected the "whole line" with At the 1965 International Fair.  Surprisingly every single one of the Poppies from that group (all six of them!) still live here, as does Young Sophisticate who is one of my very favorite Poppy Parker dolls ever produced.

Victoire Roux established herself in the hearts of collectors, Integrity Toys showed its creativity with the "mix up" dolls of Funny Face, and Mattel released one of my favorite accessories ever, The Barbie Look Wardrobe, the only non-doll to ever make it into my "Best of" countdowns.  (I own 12 of them; one for each color of clothing)

With all this diversity, my collection had a serious growing pain in 2013.  In addition, my best doll buddy in the whole world, Reese, had a friend who wanted to attend the IT convention that year and needed someone to pay the convention fees.  I would never had been able to afford the secondary market prices on the convention dolls that year.  They still represent some of the best dolls in my collection!  2013 was the first year that I could not make up mind about the #1 spot.  In the end, I just had to put both dolls there.  To me, they represent Integrity Toys at its best.  The face ups, hairstyles, and ensembles were all perfect.  I've never redressed either of them.  They have a special spot in my collection.

Here is Midnight Star Elyse Jolie.
And a Closeup.
We can't leave out After Tonight Eugenia Frost.
And a closeup.
This is the photo from the 2013 countdown that just solidifies my decision.  So much glamour!

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Jaye said...

I just realized you have been counting down, so I had to catch up. So many beautiful dolls. I am going to enjoy seeing more of your countdown.