Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Countdown Preparation Part III - 2012

I was asked in a comment about attending conventions.  I am a public school teacher, so it is very difficult for me to attend a doll convention in October.  In my last school district, we did standardized testing in October and teachers were not allowed to take personal time off during that time.  In our state, teachers do not earn "vacation time".  Teacher are allowed three personal days each year that are taken from their sick leave.

The only convention I ever attended was the 2012 Tropicalia Convention.  (After I retire, I hope to attend more.)  Several of those dolls made it into my "Best of" list that year.  However, it was a NuFace exclusive that made it all the way to #1.  Here is Glam Addict Giselle, wearing Dark Romance's gown, doing her best Angelina Jolie imitation.

Since it was 2012, I did a top 12 that year.  Seven of those dolls still reside here, including the beautiful Glam Addict.

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Cherel67 Peterson said...

I love her! These are very expensive