Wednesday, December 28, 2016

#8 of 2016

This doll sculpt is no stranger to my Top 10.  I wasn't as impressed with the ensemble and jewelry as many other collectors were, so I was thrilled to find her nude on secondary market for a super reasonable price.   When I first saw her, she reminded me of Iconic Lana Turner, which I owned and sold.  This time she looks more like Grace Kelly, so I had to dress her as such using a Mattel dress.

I really love the screening and blended hair color.  Such an elegant hairdo!  Number 8 of 2016 is Tweed Couture Dania Zarr from the Integrity Toys Supermodel Convention.


Carrickters said...

She does look very like Grace Kelly particularly in that dress. I can see why she made it onto your list.

Phyllis said...

Wow, she looks so different redressed like this! She is truly a beautiful doll. I can see the Grace Kelly resemblance dressed like this!