Wednesday, December 28, 2016

#9 of 2016

I had such high hopes for the 2015 NuFace line and purchased four of the five dolls offered.  One of those dolls made their way to my Top Ten of 2016 (since they actually arrived in 2016 - I got mine in late January); she is the doll who received the most "favorites" on her flickr photo last year.  She didn't come "alive" for me until I put her hair back into a ponytail away from her face, bringing out her true beauty.  Here is a full length photo:
I am trying to get better about telling where the different pieces of an ensemble come from.   She is wearing the blouse from 2015's Refinement Vanessa, the coat from 2009's Old Is New Giselle, the skirt is from 2013's Color Infusion Nightshade, the boots were borrowed from 2015's Electric Enthusiasm Dominique.

Number 9 of 2016 for me is Polarity Nadja Rhymes.

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Phyllis said...

Wow, she is beautiful! I like her hair pulled back and how you dressed her!