Monday, January 2, 2017

#7 of 2016

I want to apologize for the lengthy intermission.  I thought I was feeling better, then I got to feeling worse!  I was not able to debox the next couple of entries for my countdown.  

I have been collecting for quite a long time and have been blessed to own most dolls I had an interest in acquiring.  I guess that's why it is difficult for IT to impress me.   I am always hoping for something new and fresh - something different from everything else already in my collection.  It's for that reason that Legendary Natalia Fatale is added to my countdown.
I appreciate that she is a Hungarian skin tone, since I don't believe she has ever been released in this color previously.  I also like the color of hair and the fact that her eyes are forward looking.  Even though I am not a fan of evening gowns, I absolutely love this gown inspired by a 1992 Versace original.  #7 of 2016 is Legendary Natalia Fatale.

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Phyllis said...

She is stunning! I too love this dress. I prefer dolls dressed in street clothes or at least business attire, but this gown is amazing! She was one of my favs from the convention!