Wednesday, January 4, 2017

#2 of 2016

This doll was one of the reasons my top 5 dolls kept switching spots.  I couldn't decide where she belonged in the countdown.  She started at 9, then continued to move up the chart the more I looked at her.  Here she is in full length in her box.
When I photographed her face, she climbed even more.
Here are the accessories.
A favorite part of the Integrity Convention is a design competition by collectors.  For the past few years, Integrity Toys has produced the winner of the design competition.  In 2015, the winner was Jason Kramer.  When IT notified collectors of their interpretation of his design, the doll was not received favorably.  Specifically, the doll's face was compared to the "cat woman" whose cosmetic surgery was all messed up.  Here is the photo from Integrity Toys.
In response to collector displeasure (many collectors just didn't even purchase this doll), IT "tweaked" their production a little.  The production size was only 500 (many W Club dolls are produced in the 1200-1400 range).   Those collectors who did not purchase this doll went ballistic when they saw the production doll.   The doll is wearing capri pants with a added, removable train.  It's extremely well made and looks amazing.  She is the Hungarian Skin Tone.
No one can call this doll "cat woman".   Rayna is a favorite sculpt of mine and the only sculpt that I can honestly say I own all versions of in my collection.  I love the change to this doll's eyes, and I really like the "open mouth" (first time produced).   Out of the box, this doll refused to take a bad photo.  Defiant Rayna climbed right into spot #2 of 2016.  Exquisite doll!  A great addition to my NuFace lineup.


Lisa Neault said...

This is one of the dolls I passed on not because of the doll but because of the outfit. I think she is lovely and am glad for the collectors who purchased her. I think one of the reasons I didn't purchase her at the time is we might have been pelted with dolls- sometimes Integrity's timing is so off.

Phyllis said...

I am so glad I decided to order her! I was on the fence about her when I saw the promo photo from IT, but was so happy when she arrived! Definitely a favorite for me too!

Gianna Ali said...
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