Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Truly Elusive Natalia Fatale

Integrity Toys had to replace the head for my Elusive Creature.  Followers may remember how the doll I received had very wonky eyes.  Unfortunately, I believe the quality control issues surrounding this doll significantly damaged her reputation.   Here is a photo of her still in her box (the eye issue is even more noticeable at a distance).
It took several weeks for me to receive my replacement, but , as you can see, the replacement is quite good.
Even though I was a fan of the "Urban Safari" theme, the fabric weights on these ensembles were just too far off from each other.  The skirt is thin material and very short, the blouse is mesh, but the vest is heavy and thick. I believe there are good mix and match possibilities with winter ensembles.  Here is a full length photo of the ensemble.
Here is a photo of the accessories separate from the doll.
The true beauty of Elusive Creature Natalia Fatale is not realized until you start redressing her.  It was a very snug fit around the hips, but this is the bodysuit from the Chameleon ensemble in 2006.
Elusive Creature Natalia Fatale may be the dark horse of the 2014.  She is quite gorgeous when set free to explore the wilds of the IT doll closets.


Storm said...

I bought Natalia, sold the doll and kept the outfit, which is quite good.

Though, have to agree, the west and the boots are for the winter, and the rest for the summer.

Quite strange, when you think, who would wear boots and a straw hat in the same combination?

Troy said...

Glad to hear you received a replacement that didn't have quality problems. It seems that quite a few of the Safari line had problems. The only one I purchased was Full Spectrum Veronique, who was perfect, and Elise Jolie, who is currently on her way. I'm hoping she is fine.

I've been thinking about this doll, though. She's quite nice; the outfit isn't great, but I do love that purse!

NataliaFan said...

Natalia is my favourite face mould and I have almost all of the Natalia dolls, but I passed on this one because, as lovely as she is, she is too similar to Brazen Beauty.