Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Best of 2014 - Number 1

When I started my countdown over 10 days ago, I had every intention of making Vanessa Perrin Number 1.   After all, there were six versions from two different molds released.  For the first time ever, collectors were actually paying high secondary market prices for mold 3.0 versions and buying multiples of single versions.

The character that I placed at Number 1 is Elise Jolie.   Until 2014, my favorite version of Elise Jolie was Blue Blood from the 2009 Iconic Convention.  The only version of Elise that is on my grail list is Engaging.

2014 added three new versions.  The mainline doll was called On The Rise.   She had an edition size of 700 and sold for $135.  I had originally passed on this doll but wound up getting a nude one on secondary market.  There is something special about this face up.  I really like the smaller lips.  I don't know how I missed this doll (it was probably the mustard yellow dress that was throwing me).
Ms. Jolie also caused quite a stir at the Gloss Convention.  Intrigue Elise Jolie was the centerpiece doll at the banquet.  250 lucky attendees were given the opportunity to purchase this doll.  She totally rocks my world!
I think she definitely has that Karl Lagerfeld aura.  I like that she has a caucasian skin tone for a change.  She is truly amazing, and I can't wait to debox her.
Intrigue Elise was a hair's width away from being my Number 1 choice, but, the truth of the matter is that the next doll has gotten more camera time than any other doll added to my collection in 2014.  At first, I did not like this doll and even stated the doll didn't impress me. She only joined my collection because someone offered a nude version of Montaigne Market for sale at a good price; I figured I'd give her a try.

Best of 2014
Number 1
Montaigne Market Elise Jolie
May the New Year be one filled with love, joy, happiness, and adventure.  I wish you only the best for the next 365 days!  Happy New Year!


Storm said...

I do not have other two Elise's, but On the Rise is really beautiful, especially in black fashions.

Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed your Top Ten countdown. Thank you for sharing your amazing collection. Happy New Year!


Troy said...

I can see why Elise would be your #1. Her sculpt makes her stand out from the other FR dolls, and the face ups are usually lovely. On the Rise is coming my way now that I found one for a price closer to her release price (!), so I'm hoping that she is as nice in person.

Intrigue is gorgeous, and I would love to own her, but the secondary market prices are more than I want to pay for a 12" non-resin doll. :-)

Montaigne Market is something else. Love the hair color, outfit, and face -- except for the lips. They are just too light. I find that lighter color lips make a doll not stand out as much among other dolls.