Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Winter Suits Part Deux

It's hard to believe that TWO Monograms made it into my top 12.  I truly had given up on the Monogram line and sworn off these dolls, but the IDEX preview threw me into collecting turmoil.  I loved what IT had offered.  I wanted all five of them.  Number 6 of my 12 of 2012 is Admiration. 
I love this doll.  Her styling is perfection and takes me back to everything I love about Integrity Toys.  Looks at those accessories.
The hat is class!  The shoes are amazing with their sewn detail around the edge.  The jewelry is very nice.  The purse matches the color of the blouse.  When everything is put on the doll, I just SIGH!
I was so excited to see the return to quality accessories ... a trend that continued throughout 2012 and was very much appreciated by collectors.  The suit even looks good without the coat.
Some individuals have compared this suit to Main Attitude Adele.  I can see the comparison, but the fabrics are very different, as are the details.  I decided to pose the girls together.
For some reason, Integrity struggles with producing gorgeous dolls of ethnicity.  When one comes along this amazing, you shouldn't pass her up.  I was glad that I didn't.  She is very deserving of a top spot in my collection.  I cannot even bring myself to redress her.  She is just perfect as is.  I just sit back in Admiration!


Anonymous said...

Yes, this monogram is amazing, the outfit especially! I was commenting about Adele's outfit, I do see the difference between these two, but prefer admiration :)

divafan said...

Robyne! Again, another wonderful choice! I don't think I got around to telling you that Admiration is in my top for the year! This doll single-handedly saved my few Monograms from being sold off, and spurred me to action on a OOAK Monogram project that I'd wanted to do for a time, but had given up on. I love this girl!

Desperately Seeking Dolls said...

Dear Anonymous - I agree. I prefer Admiration as well. She's a few notches higher on my countdown than Adele. I even prefer her faceup and hair. Much classier.

Dear Rich - Our tastes really are very similar. I was going to stop collecting Monograms this year, especially after 2011. I only had four. Not only did Admiration and Allure draw me back in, I had to buy several of the older dolls to "catch up" - I couldn't believe how low priced they were on secondary market right after IDEX. Since the new line, their prices steadily returned to a higher markup. Can't wait to see your list!

Vanessa said...

I totally agree about this doll! I don't have any Monograms, but when I saw this lady on Flicker, she had her hair down, and I was floored. She's just gorgeous.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: as always your collection of dolls is awesome. You have the most stylish dolls. I love accessories. Keep in touch