Friday, December 28, 2012

Dark and Mysterious


Integrity Toys had a minor "blip" in customer service this fall.  I really can't fault them about it. They are a relatively small company with a very picky clientele.  As collectors, we are perfectionists.  I cannot imagine the sheer number of complaints they get for problems.  I know several collectors broke a shoe on Main Attitude.  Much of what is produced is very delicate.

I notified IT of a problem I had with this doll's eye area in October.  I got a replacement recently.  It may have taken longer than I hoped, communications from IT may have been minimal, but IT did replace the doll's head.  The head I received was perfect.  They do their best to keep their collectors happy. 

I carefully removed the doll from the box, used a heating pad to change heads, and carefully replaced her in her outfit.
This is a closeup. You can see that I received a perfect replacement.  This is probably one of the most beautiful face/hair combinations IT has ever produced.  Her secondary market prices sky rocketed.  I was fortunate that Craig's number was drawn at the convention to purchase this beautiful doll. 
The accessories were minimal.  She was a table centerpiece from the Convention banquet.
The gown is an odd choice, but it is very unique.  I actually love the jewelry and shoes. 
#3 of 12 of 2012 is High Profile Eugenia. 


Georgia Girl said...

She is ab-so-lute-ly gorgeous! I was blessed to get this one also. A table mate sold her (at cost) to me within minutes after she purchased her. I left the dinner to go to the ATM for fear that she would change her mind. She is my favorite of all of the convention dolls.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, her face is a perfect blending between Rita Hayworth and Ava Gardner! But her gown...what the hell were they thinking!?

Christie H.